There is no group of individuals more deserving of our respect and support than those brave men and women who’ve proudly worn the uniform and served our country. Without their valor and sacrifice, and that of the countless men and women before them, America as a nation would not exist. We’ve seen plenty of politicians make some similar points, and yet we still see homeless veterans on the streets. Not to mention that health care for veterans does not do nearly enough to serve that community – especially those veterans who live in rural areas.


From ensuring that the Department of Veterans Affairs has the budget and Congressional support it needs, to working with the Defense Department and veterans groups to make transitioning as easy as possible and creating job-training programs, you won’t find any stronger supporter of our veterans in Washington than you’ll find in me.


Of course there are complex and nuanced policy items associated with taking care of our veterans, but the issue is simple: without veterans, we wouldn’t have a country at all. Everyday when I get to Washington, I will fight for those who fought for us.