Traditional Values

The loss of this countries moral compass is directly tied to our abandonment of traditional values. Rediscovering that moral compass is not complicated, God has plainly revealed it to us in Scripture. But, you don’t need to be a Christian, or share the same view of the Scriptures as I do, to be a defender of traditional values. Every American can and should defend the foundational values that have made our country great and strong. And at the very core of that value system, one finds the traditional family.


A strong, family-centric life is vital to both society, and to the individual. The traditional family is the cornerstone of modern Western society. For thousands of years, the focus on traditional family values has served society well. And because of it, the United States is the blessed and prosperous nation we all love.


The societal benefits of traditional family values are self-evident through the direct correlation of the traditional family structure and individual’s prosperity. There is no greater predictor of a happy and successful life, than having been brought up in a traditional, loving, two-parent family – and then building one of your own.  We must protect the traditional family from those who seek to undermine it. And if we neglect to do so, the nation we’ve worked so hard to build will suffer because of it.


Likewise, we must protect the unborn. There are those who would treat them as less than human. The simple fact is that they are human. And if we do not, as a country, protect those who cannot protect themselves, our society will crumble beneath the weight of our own immorality.


There is good and there is bad. There is moral and there is immoral. No one is perfect, and I’ll be the first to admit it. But if we strive to seek the righteous path in every area, both personally and as a nation, I am convinced that we will be blessed because of it.