Second Amendment

The right to bear arms is so important, so foundational, so ingrained in our country’s character, that it was enshrined in our Second Amendment. Law abiding citizens should not have to purchase this right from their state. Each and every American who chooses to own a firearm – provided they have not committed certain crimes or suffer from severe mental illness – has the right to own and carry a gun. Period.


The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. People who use firearms to commit crimes couldn’t care less if they meet all the regulations and statutes. This is why I do not support any additional restrictions on this fundamental and constitutional right.


To say it plainly: I carry a firearm, my children carry firearms, and the people around us carry firearms. God forbid this from ever being the case, but  we will defend ourselves and the innocent lives around us should the need arise. Such is the right of every law abiding American citizen.