National Security

The United States faces enemies both foreign and domestic. And only with a strong and robust national defense apparatus can we defeat the radicals and imperialists that would seek to destroy our civilization. The core components of a strong national security are proper funding, recognizing friends and foes, and knowing when we must act and when action is unwise or unhelpful.


First, we must support efforts to rebuild our military and national security structure, recognizing that oceans at east and west do not protect us from modern threats. The US military must be able to strike anywhere and at any time with forces small and large.
Equally as important, is our ability to distinguish our friends from our enemies. Yes, at times we will find ourselves – as we did in World War II with the Soviets – choosing between the lesser of evils. But if we do not have a clear eyed view of who we can count on and who we should confront, our enemies will not fear us and our friends will not trust us.


Finally, as the world’s sole superpower, we do have a responsibility to protect innocents when we can. But we cannot always do so, and sending American troops to bleed in foreign lands solely because it makes us feel like we are doing something is an unforgivable sin. We do what we can, when we can, without ever forgetting that our service men and women serve the United States, not the United Nations, not the European Union. They serve no flag but our own.