The United States has no more loyal friend and ally than Israel. The Jewish state is a lighthouse of liberty and stability in the tyrannical and unstable Middle Eastern sea. Standing with Israel, on the world’s stage, and ensuring our small but vital ally maintains its qualitative military edge in the region, is both the right thing to do and is in the best interests of the national security of the United States.


The modern state of Israel is a light unto the nations. A nation whose innovations, humanitarian heart, and firm commitment to Western values of freedom and democracy should serve as an inspiration to the world. No country, in the world, has the right to dictate to Israel what steps that nation should or should not take to ensure the safety and security of her people.  


The land of Israel was deeded to the Jewish people by God. Those who bless her will be blessed. Those who support her are on the right side of history and morality. 


I will always stand with Israel.