ObamaCare achieved two things: it brought health care to some Americans who did not otherwise have it (such as those with preexisting conditions), and it dramatically increased it’s cost. I strongly believe in getting people the help they need, but there has to be a better way. That health care premiums and deductibles have increased so dramatically that we are faced with an unfair system that is inherently bad for our economy. Quite simply, the Affordable Care Act has made health care unaffordable.


Prior to ObamaCare, there was a group of Americans who could not get health insurance because of preexisting conditions, or because they legitimately could not afford it. But “fixing” those problems by causing health care costs to more than double for the rest of us was an astounding governmental failure that must be rectified.


ObamaCare should be repealed and replaced. We need laws that take care of that tiny minority legitimately cannot afford health insurance premiums, which in many cases is often only temporary, while simultaneously ensuring the costs on the average, hard working, American family does not continue to serve as an unbearable tax.